Topic 3 – Defining HPD Scope

Standardized Data Reporting

Collects Manufacturer Information
The HPD Builder is a tool that helps manufacturers enter data, perform hazard screening and format reports to be consistent with the HPD Open Standard.
Guided By An Open Standard
HPDs are created using the HPD Open Standard, the leading standard in the building industry for reporting building product contents and associated health information.
Accessed Through A Free Data Bank
Published HPDs are available for free in the HPD Public Repository and connected to rating and certification libraries through APIs.
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The role of the HPD is to provide a clear standard for reporting manufacturer information. The third-party verifier checks that the HPD Open Standard was followed in completing that report.

Synchronized With Screening & Assessment Programs

The HPD Open Standard’s standardized method for completing a content inventory of a building product is synchronized with other screening and assessment programs, including Pharos and GreenScreen. It supports product certifications like Cradle to Cradle, level, and Declare. The HPD is sought after by projects documenting compliance with LEED, WELL, or the Living Building Challenge. Published HPDs move seamlessly from the official HPD Repository into libraries and tools like Mindful Materials, Portico, and Origin. HPDC has formal partnerships with a number of organizations in this ecosystem, among them the U.S. Green Building Council, which is in a strategic partnership with HPDC to support and grow the entire ecosystem of material health and transparency.

It's all about credibility

The verification program is underpinned by the credibility  in the marketplace of the HPD Open Standard of the Third Party Verifiers as qualified organizations and professionals to maintain a high level of rigor in the HPD reporting process. Third Party Verifiers are those organizations with sufficient knowledge, experience, resources, personnel, and demonstrated business practices to effectively execute HPD verification. Credentialed organizations gain credibility by carrying this standard. They must also support the ongoing growth of this credibility.