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Lesson 4 – Maintenance, Renewal & Helpful Links

Maintenance, Renewal & Helpful Links

After publication you may always go back and withdraw your HPD from the HPD Public Repository to make any necessary changes in the HPD Builder and re-publish the record.

HPDs are valid for three years screening date. At any point before or after an HPD expires, you may update the HPD to the current version of the HPD Open Standard and re-publish the updated version.


HPD Collaborative website: https://www.hpd-collaborative.org/

HPD Open Standard: https://www.hpd-collaborative.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/HPD-v2.3-Final-APPROVED_05.12.22_LOCKED.pdf

Emerging Best Practices: https://www.hpd-collaborative.org/emerging-best-practices/

HPD Builder: https://builder.hpd-collaborative.org/

HPD Public Repository: https://hpdrepository.hpd-collaborative.org/Pages/Results.aspx

HPDC Support Portal: https://hpdc.freshdesk.com/support/home