Topic 3 – Listing Multiple Products

TPV Program Process

Step 1: Online Application
Prospective verifiers begin with an online application that collects statements of compliance and supporting documentation.
Step 2: Application Review
After an initial review of the application by HPDC staff, the application undergoes an audit and review process.
Step 3: Documentation Review
The verifier documentation is then reviewed by HPDC staff and members of the TPV Technical Sub-Group and Technical Committee.
Step 4: Final Approval
HPDC’s Technical Committee determines final approval of verifiers, and approved verifiers are authorized to display the HPDC logo with this designation.
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TPV Application & Approval Process

The Verifier organization completes online application that includes statements of compliance and supporting documentation.

The HPDC staff reviews and audits application. This may include discussion with the applicant and requests/review of any additional documentation determined to be relevant.

This review will include a check of the status of individuals in completing the TPV program training. All individuals who will be conducting verifications must complete the training.

HPDC Technical Committee provides final approval.

Verifier Organization Review Process

HPDC reviews the qualifications of verifier organizations on an ongoing basis. There are three critical review milestones:

Initial HPD Review

First three HPDs verified by the organization will be reviewed by HPDC for HPD Open Standard compliance.

Percentage HPD Review

5%–10% HPDs will be verified by HPDC annually.

Annual Compliance Review

HPDC will conduct annual audits to ensure the organization remains in compliance with program requirements.