Topic 2 – Suppliers

TPV Program Requirements

To become an approved TPV, organizations are required to:

  • Be an HPDC General Membership in good standing –Note: HPDC Affiliate Membership does not meet the requirement
  • Possess five years relevant experience in one or more of the following areas: Material Science; Engineering; Toxicology/Chemistry; Environmental Science or related field
  • Resources to handle all work in-house – Verification work should not be outsourced.
  • Have individual verifiers also take this HPDC TPV Training
  • Demonstrate adherence to ISO 17065 Requirements for Bodies Certifying Products, Processes and Services

All of the above requirements must be maintained continuously. If requirements are not maintained, the organization’s status will be removed until a new program application is completed.

Employee Training

Employees conducting verifications for approved TPV organizations
must complete this training prior to commencing work on verification projects.

Employee Experience

Employees and principals of approved TPV organizations
must have levels of experience and types of expertise that are consistent with the requirements for organizations

Varying Experience

Staff at approved approved TPV organizations
may have varying levels of experience, and varying backgrounds and expertise.

Junior Staff

Less experienced staff at approved TPV organizations
may qualify as verifiers if the organization has processes and resources to support the quality of their work.