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HPD Standard Versions

HPDC releases new versions of the HPD Open Standard typically on an annual basis, based on the continuous improvement process we work through with our Technical Committee and Technical Sub-Groups (TSGs).

A new HPD version consists of updates to the Instructions and the Format. New HPD versions are first publicly released, and then implemented in the HPD Builder. When released in the Builder, they become the current “effective” version of the standard.

Best Practices are updated as needed by HPDC. Release dates may not be in sync with a new HPD version, although HPDC tries to package implementation of new Best Practices with major HPD Builder releases.

HPDs must be verified according to the current effective version of the HPD Open Standard, along with the current effective versions of relevant Best Practices. This means that if the verification process for an HPD extends through a new Builder release, the HPD will have to be updated to the new HPD version.

A Note About HPD Versions

HPD version updates can add, subtract, or modify (in appearance and/or requirements) specific data fields included in the HPD format.

This training module displays HPD v2.2 requirements and fields.