Topic 2 – Compliance With HPD Standard Copy Copy

Compliance With HPD Standard

A second role of the verifiers is to ensure the HPD Open Standard has been followed and implemented correctly. This role entails that:

TPV Role 1: Use Relevant Experience

TPVs use relevant expertise to confirm that all reporting is compliant with HPD Open Standard requirements.

TPV Role Does Not Include

The TPV role does not include answering questions or provide services unrelated to application of the HPD Standard to product reporting.

TPV Role 2: Address Questions

The TPV addresses questions that may arise from the preparer or manufacturer that are specific to application of the HPD Open Standard.

The TPV Role Does Not Include

The TPV roles does not include providing recommendations for how to improve the HPD. The verifier verifies what is on the HPD. They are not the HPD preparer and should not consult with the manufacturer in the role of preparer for an HPD that they are verifying.

TPV Role 3: Obtain Data

The TPV helps obtain data from suppliers. If the substance was not identified by the preparer, it is not the verifier’s role to obtain it. The verifier would identify it as a corrective action and the manufacturer or preparer would be responsible to identify it.

The TPV Role Does Not Include

The TPV role does not include teaching HPD basics. The manufacturer, with or without the help of a qualified preparer, should submit an HPD for verification that does a reasonable job of complying with the HPD Open Standard. Teaching HPD basics in the context of verifying an HPD blurs the lines into preparing, not verifying.