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Verification Process

The verification process includes these key procedures below. Verifiers can and should establish their own specific operating procedures to support this process.

Manufacturer requests verification

and organization and manufacturer set parameters and fees.

Verification is performed based on

a detailed verification checklist provided by HPDC.

Verifier interacts with the HPD creator and/or

manufacturer and their suppliers, as appropriate, to verify data.

Verifier completes review

and communicates report and conclusion to manufacturer and HPDC.

The HPD Verification Checklist

Verifiers and Preparers utilize the HPD verification checklist to ensure adherence to the HPD Open Standard. The checklist is broken down by sections of the standard. The checklist is organized according to the sections of the Open Standard, referencing corresponding Standard language, instructions on how to verify the information, and suggested documentation.

For each line in the checklist, TPVs will review the “How to Verify” comment, review the suggested documentation, and mark that line Y/N for verified. If the item is not verified, the TPV will provide comments as to why it wasn’t verified.