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Section 1, Summary - HPD Overview

Listing Multiple Products/Models in an HPD

Secondary brand names must be listed in the Product Description if multiple brands are covered

A range, series, or category of products may be grouped together in a single HPD if all of the following apply:

  • The products are functionally similar
  • All of the information provided in the HPD Format Section 3: Certifications and Compliance applies to all products included
  • Each of the products has identical content OR the content differences between the products account for 10% or less of the total mass of each product (with the exception included in the HPD Open Standard—see Section 3 for those details)
  • All contents present in any of the products at or above the selected threshold(s) must be included in the Content Inventory
  • All variances between the grouped products must be explained in the Other Material or Product Notes and/or Substance Notes, if possible, or in the HPD Format Section 5: General Notes

This is a summary only! See section 3 of the standard for additional information.