Topic 1 – In-house

TPV Program Application

A Credible Standard + TPV Expertise
The TPV Program is underpinned by the credibility of the HPD Open Standard and the expertise of the third-party verifiers.

To become HPDC-approved TPVs, organizations must demonstrate expertise and capability. Please review the application process and credentialing requirements below.

Upon approval by HPDC, organizations become an “Approved Verifier” and are authorized to display the HPDC logo with this designation.


Use of the HPDC Approved Verifier log is governed by federal law and requires strict adherence to these guidelines. The logo may be used in editorials, educational, training or non-promotional literature when placed spatially near/adjacent to text that describes the Health Product Declaration Open Standard. The logo may not be altered in any way, other than to adjust size, in which case the dimensions of the logo must be maintained.