Topic 1 – HPD Basics

Prequalifications of Course Participants

The HPD Open Standard
a standard specification used in the building industry
The HPD Open Standard
a format for accurately, reliably and consistently reporting product contents and associated health information
The HPD Open Standard
a technology tool that integrates data with rating and certification standards in the building industry
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Course participants must already have a thorough understanding and familiarity with the HPD Open Standard.

This training focuses on verification requirements. It does not teach the details of the HPD Open Standard. Trainees should already possess a full understanding of the HPD Open Standard. Read the HPD Open Standard and spend time with the educational resources on the HPDC website to build this knowledge. 

Participants should have a strong background in one or more related disciplines, including: toxicology, chemistry, materials science, engineering, environmental science, biology, etc.

The discipline requirement ensures that trainees are able to understand the nuances and complexity of HPDs and what goes into creating them. Because there are multiple ways to gain relevant background experience, this requirement is not meant to be restrictive.

Participants should have thorough experience with the HPD Builder, including use of Basic and Nested Inventory Methods.

The HPD Builder is currently the only software tool that is compliant with all current HPD Open Standard requirements. Hands-on familiarity with the HPD Builder ensures familiarity with how HPDs are built, and how you should verify their data.