Gathering data for HPDs Copy

Once the scope of the HPD is defined, the manufacturer needs to collect the material ingredients’ data present in the final product. Manufacturers start by creating an inventory of all substances and materials present in the final product that are above the reporting threshold. 

Very often, manufacturers do not have all the information about their product’s contents required to build an HPD, and they need to reach out to suppliers in order to get this information.

Manufacturer may send product ingredients data requests using the HPD Builder that suppliers need to complete using the Supplier HPD Builder Extension tool. Suppliers may also be contacted by HPDC Approved Preparers, HPD consultants or third-party organizations that have been hired by manufacturers to help them create their HPDs.

 As a supplier, you are probably wondering if this means that you need to share your product formulation with the manufacturer, and the answer is: NO. We will explain this further during the Supplier HPD Builder Extension tool demo.