Lesson 6: The SHPD Builder extension

The Supplier HPD Builder extension  is an interactive online tool to facilitate entry of ingredient information by ingredient suppliers. It enables electronic communication and data exchange between manufacturers and their suppliers, and as an extension of the HPD Builder.

The Supplier HPD Builder extension guides suppliers to enter data, perform hazard screening, and communicate within the supply chain, including provisions for confidential business information, and be assured of compliance with the HPD Open Standard. 

The Supplier HPD Extension is free to use, and it is available to anyone in the supplier and manufacturing community.

Completing Supplier HPD data requests

Providing manufacturers with the information they need to complete HPDs is easy using the Supplier HPD Builder Extension tool. Please watch the video below to understand the process for completing data requests using this tool. 

Please reach out to HPDC Support for more information if you encounter any of the situations described below: 

1. A substance does not come up in the substance typeahead

2. Your product contains antimicrobial, special conditions, or alternate content. 

3. The inventory requested by the manufacturer represents a group of product rather than a single product.