Lesson 5: The HPD Builder

The HPD Builder is a web-based application built and maintained by HPDC to create, publish and manage HPDs compliant with HPD Open Standard 2.2. The HPD Builder uses the Healthy Building Network’s Pharos Chemical Material Library (CML) to provide reliable substance’s hazard and GreenScreen® information.

The HPD Builder guides manufacturers to enter data, perform hazard screening, and format HPD reports to help ensure compliance with the HPD Open Standard.  The HPD Builder is always updated with the current version of the HPD Open Standard, so manufacturers can be assured their HPD reports will be compliant with the current Standard.

Suppliers Data Requests

Product manufacturers often need to gather data from their supply chains in order to complete an HPD for their products. To collect this data, manufacturers may send data requests in the HPD Builder that suppliers will complete using the Supplier HPD Builder Extension tool.

Watch the demo below to understand how manufacturers send data requests to suppliers using the HPD Builder: