Lesson 5: Additional Listings Added to HPD v2.3

Additional Listings Added to HPD v2.3

HPD v2.3 has added an “Additional Listings” section that reports when substances appear on key restricted substances lists (RSLs) or other non-hazard listings that are complementary to the hazard listings on an HPD.

These listings provide a supplemental perspective for interpreting hazard screening results and support decision-making for manufacturers as they develop new products.

This section is not a “Pre-Check” for certifications such as Declare.

HPDC may add Additional Listings over time as they are proposed by HPDC stakeholders. The following are currently approved for HPD v2.3:

  • LBC Red List
  • C2C Restricted Substance List (RSL)
  • Safer Chemical Ingredients List (SCIL)
  • REACH Exemption list
  • Perkins & Will Precautionary List

This new section is listed below the Hazard Listing and labeled as “Additional Listings.”