Lesson 3 – Responsibilities of TPVs

Ultimately, the responsibility of the verifiers is two-fold:

• Ensure the content inventory has been built accurately

• Ensure the HPD Open Standard has been followed and implemented correctly

Throughout this process, the verifier must remain impartial. Your job is to correctly and reasonably apply the HPD Open Standard—not to get a specific outcome for the manufacturer. Remember, your organization’s name is going on the HPD to attest for its quality, on behalf of HPDC.

Verifier or Preparer?

Organizations that have been approved as HPD Third Party Verifiers may prepare HPDs (and can also be HPD Approved Preparers).

However, organizations cannot verify the same HPD that they have in any way been involved in preparing.

–HPDC does not specifically prohibit working in dual roles for the same manufacturer on separate HPDs, especially if they are from completely different product lines. Use your best professional judgment, and check with HPDC in case of gray areas.