Lesson 2: Visual Updates to Highlight Data Quality

Visual Updates to Highlight Data Quality

Published HPDS are Now Full Color.

  • Before, a manufacturer could fill in a blank HPD and simply email it to who asked for it or publish it on their website.
  • In 2016, the HPD Public Repository became the single, authoritative source of all published HPDs, which could be connected to other material libraries through an API.
  • Now in v2.3, unpublished or draft HPDs are further distinguished through a “DRAFT” watermark on the document, as well as a gray color.
  •  A published HPD will contain the recognized orange-and-blue color.

Third- Party Verified Logo

  • A “Third-Party Verified” logo with a blue checkmark was added to all HPDs that meet the HPDC’s rigorous third-party verification program.
  • This promotes the program, in which independent verifiers ensure that HPDs are compliant with the HPD Open Standard.
  • The third-party verified radio button at the bottom of section 1 will remain.

Indicators for Characterized, Screened, Identified.

  • These indicators have been simplified to show the “top-level” quality indicators for project teams.
  • These indicators show that the HPD is complete and disclosed.
  • Notation around the Special Conditions (SC) has been removed.