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Lesson 2 – Understanding HPD Data Requirements

Understanding HPD Data Requirements

The HPD Open Standard

HPDs are created following the guidance of the HPD Open Standard, a leading standard in the building industry for reporting building product contents and associated health information. 

We also recommend downloading the Manufacturer User Guide that provides manufacturers with practical “how to” information for creating HPDs.

To understand the detailed requirements to create an HPD, download and read the HPD Open Standard v2.3 as well as the Best Practices guides, all available on the HPDC website.

The HPD Builder

The HPD Builder is an automated, web-based application that guides you through completing an HPD. Here is a starter list of the type of information that you need to collect in order to complete an HPD using the HPD Builder:

  • Inventory of all substances/ingredients present in your final product, identified by CAS Registry Number (CASRN), and that represent at least 0.1% of the total product weight (1,000 ppm), or ideally 0.01% (100 ppm). 
  • Contents with no CASRN available are covered by Special Conditions policies. The HPD Builder will guide you through the data you need on these contents.
  • Information about recycled content used in your product
  • Information about the role that each chemical substance plays in your product, e.g., binder, adhesive, pigment, etc.

In addition to substance information, you will need to gather information about VOC Content (if your product is liquid or wet applied) and VOC emissions and other testing related to environmental impact or human health. Also, any accessories that are used for the installation and/or maintenance of the product.

Packaging materials removed prior to use and materials used for identification only need not be included in the inventory.