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Lesson 2 – Supplier Requests

Supplier Requests

It is possible that you don’t have all the information about your product’s contents required to build an HPD and you will need to reach out to suppliers in order to get this information.

Determine the suppliers you will need to contact to determine information at the homogeneous  material and/or substance level that is not already available to you from your direct supplier list. In this case, you may send data requests to your suppliers using the Supplier HPD extension to the HPD Builder.

The Supplier HPD extension to the HPD Builder allows manufacturers and their suppliers to be able to communicate and share information, including provisions for confidential business information, and be assured of compliance with the HPD Open Standard

Check this article to learn more about how to send data requests to suppliers using the HPD Builder, and make sure to share the instructions for how to complete data requests with your suppliers.

Feel free to reach out to HPDC support and encourage your suppliers to do so with any questions or to schedule a demo of the Supplier HPD Builder extension.