Lesson 2 – HPD Open Standard, Product and Supplier HPD

The HPD Open Standard

Health Product Declarations are created following the guidance of the HPD Open Standard, a leading standard in the building industry for reporting building product contents and associated health hazards information. The HPD Open Standard was developed and is maintained by the HPD Collaborative (HPDC).

All the data requirements and instructions to create an HPD can be found on HPD Open Standard v2.2 and Best Practices guides, available on the HPDC website.

Best Practices documents cover topics that may evolve more frequently than the core Instructions, and/or topics affected by changes made to programs outside HPDC’s control.


Product HPD and Supplier HPD

A report published in compliance with the HPD Open Standard is referred to as a completed “Health Product Declaration,” or “HPD.” HPD reports include Product HPDs, for complete products as delivered to the job site, and Supplier HPDs, for ingredients as delivered to a manufacturer.

Product HPDs are created and published using the HPD Builder tool. Currently, Supplier HPDs are created as Part Inventories using the Supplier HPD Builder extension tool. Part inventories are not published, they are submitted to the HPD Builder for the manufacturers’ use in Product HPDs.

We will be using HPD Open Standard specific language during this training. Before you continue, please download the HPD Open Standard Glossary (Page 42) to reference when necessary.